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Skull Tec


The frequency of concussions has been alarming for quite a while. Our young athletes simply aren’t being protected nearly as well as they should be. On the gridiron, on the ice, on the diamond, on the lacrosse field…and in a range of other sports venues where high impact is inevitable, the safety equipment is lacking. And that’s an understatement. Helmets are outdated, yet they are being used. Even the new ones aren’t protecting those fragile brains effectively.

The SkullTec cap adds a critical second layer of protection. It’s a technology that exponentially increases the safety factor for every athlete, as we adhere to our “one size does not fit all” mantra. Meaning, our focus is developing protective gear highly specific to a particular sport. So as much as we enjoy the competitive nature of sports, winning certainly isn’t everything – safety is.

Skull Tec Cap

Bob Ferguson: Founder